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Would you like to work from home online? Well it's easy to set up your own website and does not cost to much to get going. I own a number of domain names and websites these all cost money to run. Just to name a few Host Fees, Domain Name Fees, Software to build the site. In reality it does not cost that much if you use a web hosting company that lets you run multiple domain's and only charges for the first. I use 'Bluehost' you will see an ad on this page. by the way I also use a VOIP phone for 99% of my calls this can be a great saver for your business or domestic calls.


I write software applications and give these away for Free. Donations from Radio Ham's are very few (After all It's a hobby and we all help each other, why should we pay?). After 3 years with 600+ users and 30,000 page hits and a few dollars from 'Google Adsense' I have decided to try and generate some income to help with expenses. Hence a range of advertising on this and my other sites.


'To Make Money' from a web business / website that does not directly sell any products is a challenge.  Here you will find some of the things I have found to help achieve my aim.

A number of ways exist and search on the web will find many. Most sound good until you do some research, then go and search for the next one!

You need visitors to your site whatever way or system you choose to 'Make Money Online'. Once on the site you have the chance to interest those in the site content, if fact so interesting that they will return again and again.

Based on the content of your site you now have the chance of presenting adverts and tempting the visitor to 'Click' on one that sounds interesting. This is where you can make 'Make Money'.

Sponsor's (Merchants) will pay for these 'Clicks' in a number of ways.


PPC (Pay Per Click). Adverts based on the sites content and 'Keywords' will be automatically served to your website by a third party. Every click will take the visitor to the Merchants website, once there they hope you will buy an item or service. The third party company that generated the 'Click Advert' will be pre-paid by the Merchant for these adverts. The hosting site (your site) will then receive a percentage of the fee collected by the Advert placing 'third party' Service Company. This can range from a few cents to $100 usually a few cents. What do you have to do? Sign up  with the 'third party' and add a code snippet to your web pages. Provide good content and wait! Monitor the results and adjust content, Keyword's or Advert placement location on page. Keywords are very important this is a major consideration if you are trying to get a high placement on a search engine listing. Have a look at Market Samurai the tool I and thousands of webmasters use to get traffic to our sites. You can try it for free! Once you use this tool you will ask why did I not find this earlier! Plus the training vidoe's are fantastic and very well presented. Give it a try for free.

Stop Struggling To Get Traffic the HARD WAY. Try Market Samurai for Free!


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How can get more visitors? One way is to do the same as the Merchant and buy Adverts to be placed on other websites to drive traffic to your site. You have to pay less per click than the Merchant ads appearing on your site allowing for the fact that very few visitors will 'Click' your ads. Now you can see its not very easy. So to have a chance, host many pages of interesting content with good 'Keywords' to attract the adverts that your visitors will be interested in. For example 'Home Handy Man' plans on how to make a table', listing the special tools required. Let's assume you now attract adverts for 'Electric plane' or 'Router' the visitor needs these tools so there is a good chance they may click the advert and you earn a few cents. It all comes down to SEO [  Search Engine Optimization  ]. Your web page's need to attract the search engine's you will find many articles on the web if you search for SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Visit my Amazon store From Main Menu select books and search for SEO will bring up many titles.


Affiliate Advertising Adverts (Percentage of Sale Commission). Here you sign up with a 'Merchant' or 'Affiliate Network' and place their ads on your pages. Visitor / Customer clicks the Advert and the Merchant will (only) pay you for completed sales less any chargeback's (customer returns goods) delayed by 30-60 days to allow for any returns. The Affiliate Network is in the middle and they  will collect all the money and send it to you every month / week or when it reaches a certain value. They will make a charge to the Merchant for this service. If you deal direct with the Merchant then each will have different rules, Pay Pal is a common way to make payments.


Typical Affiliate fees, you can earn range from 5% to 75% for each completed sale. You now have the choice to choose the Merchant and in most cases the product or service to display on your web pages. You can make the pages look like a catalogue or have information that will help the visitor in their choice. Sounds great?

A few things to keep in mind. Most ads rely on 'Cookies' being active on the visitors Web Browser' just in case they do not buy on first visit but return a few days later directly to the Merchant site. No 'Cookie' equals 'No Commission'.


Thanks to Chris Prillo for the movie.

Thanks to Lisa Irby for the movie.

Thank's, if you have made it here, then here is a 'Tony's, Free Tip'. When you go to buy a product, try to 'Google' for a Coupon many products have discount Coupons at various times each year. Remember just search for 'Coupon xxxxx' where xxxxx is the product or company name. See it does pay to read a page sometimes and I have just blown some of my commission!
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