New Release For MS Windows 8

New Release of EchoShack has been added to the 'File Repository' as of 30th October 2012. This version of EchoShack will work for MicroSoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 on a 'PC'. Added a Status Bar showing who is talking when connected to a conference. Added Tabbing to the 4 Speech Control 'Tick' boxes in addition to the original F5 - F8 Function Keys. Added a 'Focus' Tick Box this can be used to disable/enable the EchoShack Window comming to the front of all other applications when it updates or receives any messages. The only other change required to make it work with Windows 8 was the fact that the 'My Documents' folder is no longer available its now just 'Documents'. It has been tested with a pre-release of Windows 8 only and I have no idea if it will work on a tablet version.

Echoshack and MS Windows 8

Just to let you know that the current version of Echoshack will not work with MS Windows 8. I am in process of making some changes so a new version will be coming soon.

If you are using the pre-release of Windows 8 then a quick fix is to go to C:\Users\your name\ and create a folder called Documents. Then make a copy the folder found with Explorer in Documents called Echolink and paste it to C:\Users\your name\.

The issue is that Windows 8 does not have a 'My Document' folder any more it is now just 'Documents' and the system variable called %USERPROFILE% does not point to Documents in Win XP, Vista, Win7 it did.

If you do not want to wait you can email me at 'webmaster' this site domain name and I will send you a zipped copy of a fixed exe file.

The Echolink program works OK with Windows 8 its just Echoshack with the bug.


EchoShack Latest Update now available!

New Release of EchoShack Application 20th June 2010. Now Available from File Repository.

What’s New?

Version onwards

I have added a log file to record all the messages and timestamps that appear in the Left Hand text message window. You will find this log is auto saved in MyDocuments/echolink/ folder as “chatlog.txt”. You can save the log file as a csv file from the Log window menu and then open in Excel.

The center top panel will now show “Who is Talking Now” Call sign and name. This was added after I was monitoring the Haiti Earthquake Echolink conference with 100+ people connected. I was unable to find who was talking before the short messages ended! It seems that Echolink does restrict the number of station displayed in the list but this new feature will show who is talking OK. (As you may guess it’s difficult to test!).

Fixed the bug where the minimized icon on the taskbar in Vista & Windows 7 showed up twice.
Fixed a conflict with Jaws & Windows Eyes. Version released on 20th June 2010

Changed the Clocks and some other features to use, Free Open Source components. The upgrade cost for the original components was a bit steep. I also had to upgrade my Delphi to support Windows 7.

Added a space after the > in the Left text window so the http URL’s and mailto links are always clickable. If you have not noticed if someone sends you a text message with a fully formed URL you can click on it to visit the page or send an email.


This version can now be used with the Free Screen Reader NVDA from :-  This can be installed on a USB stick or just placed in any folder so no installation required.

Now enhanced for Vista & Windows 7

Screen Dump connected to a conference.

EchoShack Screen Shot


Works on Windows Vista & Windows 7 OK.

Download from File Repository. If you already use 'ElseeMore' then 'EchoShack' can be installed along side. In fact you can run both at same time (not recommended).

'ElseeMore' which is used by a number Blind Operators is available from this version will not be updated anymore.

73's Tony VK3ZTR 20th June 2010

EchoShack update from the Shack

*** EchoShack update now available 20th June 2010 ***



Hi, I am Tony VK3ZTR author of 'EchoShack & ElseeMore' a Windows programs that connects to 'Echolink' the very popular VOIP application used by more than 200,000 Amateur Radio Operators worldwide for general communications and emergency disaster communications assistance.


The 'ElseeMore' version is designed for 800x600 screen and is available from this will not be updated anymore.

'EchoShack' is best using 1024x768 or larger screen is available from the File Repository menu link on left.

Why did I write this program? After 40 years in computers, electronics and ham radio, now retired it is my chance to give a little bit of my time to help others. I was visiting a elderly radio ham who I had been talking too but never met. I quickly discovered that he was losing his vision and was finding it difficult to use his computer and 'Echolink'. At 80 it is not easy to learn new things especially the keyboard short cuts! ElseeMore and now EchoShack was created. Using Text To Speech software to assist. Jim was able to get nearly 3 more years of use before he passed on to the ham radio shack in the sky.


NOTE: This program can be used even if you have 100% vision! It comes in very handy in a conference with lots of text messages, you can sit back from the computer screen and listen to the text being spoken. Just zoom up the font so you can still read at a distance. If you leave the shack, just toggle the away message to active. If someone connects then the away message is automatically sent. Any message returned will stay until you return. When you get back call them back.


EchoShack connected to a conference in Receive Mode, with Echolink & Alarm List.

EchoShack Screen Shot

EchoShack connected to a conference in Transmit Mode. Notice the Green 3 Minute timer bar at bottom of red area.

EchoShack Screen Shot


The author of 'Echolink' had provided a method of controlling this program (Automation Server) from another program. Microsoft has provided Text To Speech Software support with Windows. So with many lines of code and late nights 'ElseeMore' has progressed. Thanks to feedback from users various features have been added. A German version was produced with the translation provided by Manfred OE7AAI.

A released version of 'EchoShack' with 40 call sign buttons and 2 clocks UTC and Local, is now available from the File Repository.

I am now working on third version that will use more visual effects for those with reduced vision. This is a complete rewrite in another programming language (C# and WPF using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Expression Studio). This will take some time as its a new learning curve.

In the future I hope to be able to write some code for the general public use with vision or disability needs. Small donations and suggestions of needs are always welcome, thanks.


73's Tony VK3ZTR (I do not know how I found time to go to work now I am retired!)

Please email me with your suggestions via webmaster [ @ this website URL ]. You can also follow me on

Please let me know if you use this program. If you would like to see any improvments then please send suggestions or try and Chat via 'Echolink' or 'Skype' or Join me on Twitter.


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